Americans Spend 150 Hours a Month Doing This?


About a year and a half ago, my sister recommended I check out “Breaking Bad”, that it was a really good series. I’d heard of it but was never interested, mostly because I heard it was about drug dealers. Not really my cup of tea.


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But after the holidays we didn’t have that much to do, so my wife and I decided to try a few episodes. We got totally hooked. It was so much better than I expected! We couldn’t stop watching…


We watched 3-4 hours a night… watched all 60 episodes in about a month.


And it got me thinking… How many hours of TV a day does the average American watch?


So I looked it up and found the answer…


Five hours A day!


150 hours a month!


In 150 hours I could build about about a dozen complete sales funnels with opt-in pages, download pages, email follow-ups, sales pages and more.


Genuine affiliate commission machines that churn out thousands of bucks a month.


Or… I could binge watch another series and have all that hard work done for me by Cindy’s team here…




Let’s see… work 150 hours or binge watch another series…


I’ve heard good things about “Orange is the New Black”. 😉


Any other recommendations?…


Robert Prieto


P.S. If you want to make serious affiliate commissions, you need to use proven funnels and email follow up.

You can build it out yourself, or use prebuilt solutions like the ones I use…


The choice is up to you.


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